EAvatar ME, or Avame for short, is an event-driven agent for task automation. It’s designed with following scenarios in mind:

  • Web scraping
  • Web functional tests
  • Network service monitoring
  • Cloud application integration

Basically speaking, Avame runs tasks on behalf of the user in the background.

A task is a unit of work that performs one action only. Related tasks are grouped as a job for complicated workflow. Incidentally, a job is the unit for submission and is described by a script. The scripts are nothing but restrictive Python code. Compared to regular Python code, a script do not support following features, just to name a few:

  1. No import statement
  2. No while loop
  3. No print statement
  4. Names start with double underscores are prohibited.
  5. No function definition
  6. No class definition

All these restrictions are to make scripts easier to write and read. Other heavy-lifting actions are provided by modules and exposed to scripts.

The source code of Avame project is released with Apache license 2.0